Foreign Market Success

Foreign Market Success

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  • January 13, 2015


“Surpassing our targets we set for 2014, we had an higher market network than expected. Our products since 2012, have found a place in European and US markets and have gained the trust of our customers. ”

We keep all active-passive fiber-optic products in our portfolio that may be needed by modern technology. Our product portfolio includes fiber optic products; works in accordance with all brand / model switches and offers a noticeable advantage of price / performance as compared to similar ones.

SFP modules that we produce have TSE and has CE certificates, we are producing by evaluating technological changes in the production line with our R & D team which closely follows technology. Our reference companies across the country are all major ISP and telecom companies. In addition, our products are widely used in the public and private sectors.

Our inventory which is constantly updated and adequate, to analyze and offer correct solutions to requests of our customers, to offer suggestions on things that create added value for our customers in their business make us different from our competitors.



Since 2008, we are saving improvements by adding new products every day to our range of products. In this direction, surpassing our goals for 2014, we had an higher market network than expected. Our products found place in European and US markets and have gained the trust of customers. I would like to mention that we are happy to be among the indispensable suppliers of many telecom companies.

In early 2008, entering the IT market with our own brand Longline, we have taken an important target-oriented step in fiber technology with the slogan of “Shorten distances with Communication”. The most distinctive feature of the fiber infrastructure system is the possibility to offer more broadband capacity with broadband opportunities it provides. This technology is becoming more widespread all over the world and it will continue to increase to acquire an important position in the future in the field of communications.

As in many product groups, family of optical fibers has intense competition. But the advantages and trust arising from entering first to market, our high level of dominance to the subject, our quality which is at the top level appear to be significant factors that distingusihes us.The biggest reason that major ISP firms in domestic and international markets prefer us is that we have  reliable and quality products.



As R & D as our company’s highest budget allocated departments and our technical team are constantly developing our product portfolio in parallel with the technology, following the new products, add compatible products in our family, we keep our growth rate. Our company’s highest budget allocated by departments of our R & D and our technical team is constantly developing in parallel with the technology our product portfolio, following the new products are times in our family of products that are compatible with them, so we keep our growth rate. We serve our customers with our investments in R & D made entirely by our own financial strength. But like all companies engaged in production we can grow our services with state support and incentive and we believe we will be more useful. In this context, we n

eed incentive funds. In addition in order to introduce our brand in Europe, we believe that the incentive funds shall make us more decisive and determined to contribute to our national capital, and allowing us to take radical decisions and using the support in R & D area, we believe we can contribute to our country.



As in all over the world, in our country importance given to the fiber infrastructure has been increased and new fiber investments by the advancement of technology have become a serious necessity. When we evaluate this criteria, throughout our country, it is also our source of pride that professional companies other than us perform this work. But although specialized firms are the majority, it is regrettable in recent years that increase in low quality and cheap products in our market damage the country’s budget. If these companies are audited and forced to provide quality services, we believe fiber and side products will come to better levels in the future.

One of our goal is to add products from other fiber optic family next to our LONGLINE SFP modules which have we have achieved success in Turkish market and to move this success into the European market. The companies we are working with can be summarized as our partners, telecom companies, public / private sector companies. Throughout Turkey, in contact with more than 400 companies, we continue to market our product. In addition, we would like to thank our business partners again from here which are supporting us.