About Entegron

Who we are?

Entegron Technology has been in the industry since 2011. The Company has aimed to meet the IT needs of many ISP, Telecom, Public, Bank and Private sector rapidly and with right budgeting with its staff specialized at Network, Server and Fiber-Optic product line and subjects and achieved to have a great customer reference with this context. Moreover the Company supplies the products that are EOL or not available where needed, and re-offers to its clients under 1 year warranty.

What we do?

In our 7TH year in the industry, we as Entegron Technology, retain our title as being the only brand in the second hand market. Our Company, which made many new investments during this period, has progressed into very levels in Server, Network and Fiber products. It serves to its nearly 100 clients in the private sector with its NEW and Second hand product line through its dealership network of nearly 400 dealers. As the result of its innovations brought to the Fiber Optic area with Longline brand, the Company is in a respectable place not only in Turkish market but also in European, America and Far East markets. The GBIC modules, the production of which is performed, function properly with CISCO, HP, AVAYA, ENTRASYS and similar brands and offer quite good price advantages. As the result of the demand from the industry, the Company has started to take part in NEW product line (network/ server equipment) as of 2010 and achieved good projects and supported is dealers. We would like to thank all of our dealers who have supported us for 7 years.